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Image by Aaron Burden


 In 2023, we will continue to focus on several activities, including:

  • undertaking projects that address food security;

  • championing environmental stewardship;

  • raising awareness about climate change and how our members can be a part of the solution;

  • SEEDY SATURDAY (March 25, 2023);

  • increasing and broadening our membership; 

  • engaging more members to volunteer with the maintenance of our civic and community gardens in Beaverton; and

  • youth sponsorship

Don't forget to check out our Upcoming Events and Calendar, which will be updated sometime in January 2023.  One event not to be missed is SEEDY SATURDAY on March 25, 2023.  More information to follow on this event in January 2023.  Activities of our neighbouring clubs (Cannington and Georgina-Brock) will also be included on our Calendar when information is available.  


Our club has a number of youth sponsorship initiatives.  Two students (14-20) will be sponsored for the Youth Summit for Mother Earth happening in September 2023.  If you have a student interested next year, please contact us.   A $500 post-secondary education bursary for eligible Brock Township students is also being offered again in 2023. 

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