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Image by Kenny Eliason


Our Board & Committees


2024 Board Members 



President:  Ainsley Gillespie

Vice President:  Vacant

Past President:  Vacant

Treasurer:  Lynne Davidson

Secretary: Irene Hrebik


Tom Wilson



Archives - Lynne Davidson

Membership  -  Lynne Davidson

Newsletter - Ainsley Gillespie

Planning and Planting

  • Mill Gate - Judy Mitchell-Wilson, Tom Wilson

  • Library/Town Hall Beds - Ainsley Gillespie

  • Point Bed - 

  • Cenotaph - Ainsley Gillespie

  • Beaverton Fire Department - Ainsley Gillespie

  • Brock Thorah Health Centre - Lynne Davidson

  • Mara Road - Service Sign - Judy Mitchell-Wilson

  • Fox Park/Harbour - Ainsley Gillespie

Advertising/Publicity - Ainsley Gillespie

Social - Vacant

Webmaster/Social Media - Lynne Davidson

If you would like to join our Board and/or Committee(s), please contact us. Volunteers NEEDED to keep this club going!!

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